This page contains download links to all of the documentation that you are likely to need when you are using or considering using our services.

Operational Documentation

Purpose & AimsThis document is a statement of the purpose and aims of Breaking Cycles CIC. As a Community interest company, this document defines how we work and the types of activity we get involved in.
Sustainable Transport PolicyThis document explains our commitment to sustainable transport in the day to day operation of our business.
Development PlanThis document details our plans for the future, it focuses mainly on the part that bicycles have to play in our rural community and our commitment to support the adoption of bicycles and eBikes as part of that.
Bike Library Service user agreementIf you would like to join Clitheroe Bike Library, this is the document that you need to complete and return! Rather than producing a lengthy legal document, we prefer to simply make sure that you understand and agree with the ethos that this project is based upon.
Covid-19 PolicyThis document explains our commitment to providing quality service whilst ensuring your safety with regards to reducing the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.
Feedback PolicyAll of your feedback is important to us, so we encourage all users of our services to tell us what they think.
Quality Assurance PolicyThis document details how we ensure high quality service.
Health & Safety PolicyThis document details how we conduct risk assessments and deal with issues that may arise around Health & Safety.
Safeguarding PolicyThis document details our commitment to protecting all vulnerable people, including children
Incident & Emergency proceduresThis document details the specific procedures that we follow relating to certain types of incident that may arise in our day to day work.
Equal Opportunities PolicyThis document detail our commitment to and attitude towards equality and inclusive.
Payroll TimesheetFor the submission of timesheets on paper or via email
Payroll Timesheet (Google form)A google form for paperless transmission of monthly timesheet information

Information Packs and Brochures

The following documents relate to specific services, please download and read these to find out more about the services that interest you. It is not possible for us to produce glossy brochures for every service that we can provide, so if you haven’t found it here, please ask us if we can help you!

Breaking Cycles info packThe purpose of this document is to explain the ethos behind Breaking Cycles CIC. It has particular relevance for those looking to get involved with the development of the Clitheroe Bike Library project, future community projects and the development of Breaking Cycles CIC in general.
Adventure Therapy for EducationThis brochure details our education based Adventure Therapy work. If you are interested in using adventurous activities to nurture positive change for children and young people that you work with, please download and read this brochure!
Adventure Therapy for Wellbeing and Personal EffectivenessThis brochure details how the Adventure Therapy model can be employed in a personal or workplace setting to improve well-being and personal effectiveness. The two go hand in hand, so whether your aim is to improve the productivity in your workplace or address a wellbeing need, this will meet your needs!

Marketing materials

In the interest of environmental sustainability, we like to minimise our stocks of paper based resources. Downloading and distributing this material when it is needed is a much more sustainable way of doing things! However, we can provide hard copies of these documents if desired!

Learning and personal development resources

In the interest of environmental sustainability, we like to minimise our stocks of paper based resources. Downloading this material when it is needed is a much more sustainable way of doing things! These documents are free for you to use. If you would like to say thank you, why not buy us a Coffee?

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