When I decided, at age 55, to learn to ride a bike a friend recommended Breaking Cycles. Never having been on a bike before I was extremely nervous. At the beginning of July myself and my friend had our first lesson with Phil Wade at Breaking Cycles. He was really patient with us and helped us overcome our fears. He explained all about gears and brakes, taught us how to keep our balance and how to ride safely. Even though I spent more time off the bike than on it during my first lesson he constantly encouraged me to keep trying! We then had two more lessons when we had to deal with obstacles such as corners, potholes, children, walkers, dogs, hills and cars! Over the last three weeks he has lent us bikes so that we can practice in our local park. Each time we go out we feel more confident and have actually started to enjoy ourselves. I would like to thank Phil and Breaking Cycles for giving us this opportunity and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone . It has certainly made a difference to my life.

Jono Bond

As I recover from my Cornea transplant, being able to go out and ride on the tandem with Phil has been incredibly beneficial and rewarding. It allows me to exercise, to get out and talk to people, and has been excellent for both my physical and mental health whilst dealing with my visual impairment. The simple thing of having access to easy and affordable exercise is wonderful, I can’t thank Phil enough for the help and support he’s given me!

Rob Pye (Head Teacher: Edisford Primary School)

We invested in some mountain bikes and hired a specialist to work with the pupils doing therapeutic expeditions. This has so far proved successful with reduced exclusions, increased attendance within this group and positive performance data.

Nick Dinsdale

Phil is a very knowledgeable and experienced ride leader. Furthermore, he has excellent people’s skills and an excellent range of communication abilities to achieve the desired outcomes.

Jean Brown

Many thanks for taking Christopher out on Sunday Phil, he was buzzing when he got back! He has remembered how much he enjoys being out on his mountain bike and was telling his Granny and me about the tips you gave him!

Les Allen

I was introduced to Phil about three years ago , I’ve done about four poss five rides mtb,road, and gravel all mixed terrain , he is a excellent ride leader , I have the pleasure of introducing some of my Liverpool century club mates to these rides , all gave excellent feed back to me , Phil has a way of passing on his knowledge, in a way that comes naturally, looking forward to some more rides in the future thanks once again

Janet Vaughn-Williams

I went on a gravel riding weekend which Phil had organised. Having never done gravel riding before I was very nervous especially as others there were quite experienced. I shouldn’t have worried as Phil explained how to ride on gravel and then rode with me giving me praise and tips, until I gained more confidence. I had a brilliant day and have done something I wouldn’t have done without his expertise. Cheers Phil!