Adventure Therapy

There’s something therapeutic about spending time outdoors. We make use of this in our Adventure Therapy sessions, sometimes by just being there and sometimes by taking part in an adventurous activity.

During an adventure therapy session, I guide my client(s) on a journey of self discovery as we explore the landscape of the human mind! The specific activities and Neurolingustic Programming (NLP) methods used during these sessions vary depending on the objectives of the session and needs of the client. The real beauty of an adventure therapy session is the flexibility; being out and about provides opportunities to be quiet and think as we process ideas without feeling awkward, which makes it feel more gentle than other methods! I am able to help you deal with the following…

  • Making positive decisions
  • Planning for lifestyle changes
  • Improving self esteem and self worth
  • Developing interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence
  • Coping with Stress, Depression and Anxiety symptoms
  • Understanding Neurodiversity

Pricing Structure

Adventure Therapy sessions vary significantly in their structure, depending on whether we are providing a one off or short block of sessions or embarking upon a longer term relationship. I work with groups and individuals and sessions can range from 90 minutes to full days.

  • 90 minute session – £60
  • Full Day – £280
  • Please ask for a quote if you’re looking for something in between!

Booking adventure therapy sessions is usually done in blocks and package pricing is available for longer standing arrangements. Please get in touch to discuss your next steps.

Campfires & Bushcraft activities

Spending time together around a campfire, particularly when making hot chocolate or toasting marshmallows is involved, can be a great way to build trust and rapport. Many people, who find it difficult to trust and open up feel much more at ease in an environment where the focus is positive rather than ‘me and my problems’.

Whilst enjoying the various bushcraft activities that take place around a campfire, we automatically begin to explore NLP suppositions (e.g. we already have the resources we need, or can make them) and have the perfect metaphor for change right in front of us…

Mountain Biking

Albert Einstein thought of it (the formula that rationalises the theory of relativity) whilst riding his bicycle, so when we have something big to work out, a bike ride can be just the thing we need to get there. This activity draws heavily upon the presupposition ‘mind and body are one system’ as we draw upon physical metaphors of the mental strategies we are developing. There is usually a lot of stopped time as we discuss our thoughts and work through NLP and generative coaching techniques to inform our progress, the use of a more physically demanding activity helps to find balance between the activity and how hard we are working to rewrite the programmes that run our minds!


‘The map is not the territory’ is the NLP presupposition that underpins the use of navigation in Adventure Therapy sessions. Focussing on navigation and travelling on foot rather than by bike reduces the level of physical energy needed but provides the added supporting metaphorical theme of endless possibilities and deciding how to choose our path through the constantly changing landscape that is our lives!

Physically navigating a natural environment demonstrates the impact that we have on what we experience by highlighting the differences between what we notice. In doing this, we can learn to be more consciously aware of the millions of choices we make every day and use this new found (or rediscovered) skill to underpin the changes we are making in our lives.