Meet The Team

Phil Wade: Founder and Managing Director of Breaking Cycles CIC

Hi, I’m Phil Wade, founder of Breaking Cycles CIC. My professional background is in education and I am passionate about cycling and the positive effect it has on our physical and mental health so I created Breaking Cycles in August 2019 to share my passion for 2 wheels and positive behaviour change with you. 

I love riding bikes, both on and off road and have a thorough understanding of how getting involved with cycling can enhance many aspects of life. I am constantly finding new challenges for myself, so I usually have a project that I’m working on whether it’s a big trip, personal challenge or racing a long distance event such as 24hr MTB or Time trial.

With expertise and qualifications in Neurolinguistic programming, cycle training, MTB leadership and teaching, I’m sure that I will be able to guide you towards that next goal, whether it’s planning a touring trip, taking on a big MTB ride or developing yourself through Adventure Therapy.


BSc. (QTS) ICT | INLPTA NLP practitioner (currently working on master practitioner!) | MTBLA L2 (Level 2 British Cycling MTB Leader) | NSI Cycling instructor (Bikeability & Road cycling tuition according to the Dept. for Transport’s National Standard.) | Generative Coaching foundation certificate | Outdoors first aid | Paediatric First Aid | Mental Health First Aid | DBS checked

Jon Myhill: Director of Breaking Cycles CIC and Know Learning Limited

For over 25 years, I’ve worked in learning & development roles ranging from primary schools to FTSE100 companies.

For a while, I allowed myself to be defined by my job and quite frankly, let it get the better of me at times.

Then one day, I rediscovered my love of cycling and everything fell back into place. It’s amazing what can happen when you’re halfway up Ingleborough with a bike on your shoulder!

My role in Breaking Cycles CIC is to explore the potential that cycling, adventure therapy and a greater awareness of neurodiversity can bring to businesses.

Jen Wade: Director of Breaking Cycles CIC and Primary School Teacher

I am Mum to our little boy, George, and for around sixteen years, I have been a primary school teacher.

During my spare time, I love to ride my bike with my friends and family. Over the years, my bike has been my go to for helping to manage my stress and anxiety. I’ve literally felt the weight lift off my shoulders when out riding.

When Phil said he was establishing the CIC, I wanted to be involved so that I could help others benefit from outdoor activities, whether it be for social reasons, fitness or mental health in a safe and enjoyable way.

For Breaking Cycles, I am the AQA Unit Awards Coordinator. I support our team in developing and delivering AQA Unit Awards and I complete the administration side of things for our learners. My other roles for Breaking Cycles include administrative support and support with cycle training.

Karen Seed: Director of Breaking Cycles CIC and Law2You Limited

Hi I’m Karen my role within breaking cycles is Legal Director. I qualified as a Solicitor back in August 2007. I am responsible for making sure that all the boring things are in place so that the company can carry out all its good work.

I am relatively new to cycling, Phil introduced me to it back in 2015 when I could no longer run due to injury and I have never looked back. It is now just a part of my life. I am passionate about it and I love being on my bikes (all 3 of them!) (especially my ‘basket’ bike) It never fails to make me smile.

I spent a good part of my professional life couped up inside stuck behind a desk, with no time to do all the things I loved and realised that there were better ways to lead life. I love being outside and riding my bike. Many would look at my strangely when I commuted to the office, asking what I would do if I got called out to Court or how I would get all my files to the office.

I am keen to change perceptions of cycling, especially within professions, and show how a bike can be used as a mode of transport as well as a hobby. Through my work within breaking cycles, I realised that it is possible, and in fact enjoyable, to lead a normal working day using a bike rather than a car. Any appointments less than 10 miles are done by ‘basket bike’.

“Cycling isn’t a hobby for me, it’s my inner peace” (Everyday Cyclist) This quote sums up what I get from cycling and I am keen to share the benefits with others.