When I decided, at age 55, to learn to ride a bike a friend recommended Breaking Cycles. Never having been on a bike before I was extremely nervous. At the beginning of July myself and my friend had our first lesson with Phil Wade at Breaking Cycles. He was really patient with us and helped us overcome our fears. He explained all about gears and brakes, taught us how to keep our balance and how to ride safely. Even though I spent more time off the bike than on it during my first lesson he constantly encouraged me to keep trying! We then had two more lessons when we had to deal with obstacles such as corners, potholes, children, walkers, dogs, hills and cars! Over the last three weeks he has lent us bikes so that we can practice in our local park. Each time we go out we feel more confident and have actually started to enjoy ourselves. I would like to thank Phil and Breaking Cycles for giving us this opportunity and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone . It has certainly made a difference to my life.