Clitheroe Bike Library

Clitheroe Bike Library aims to promote cycling in the Ribble Valley by:

  • Providing people with access to appropriate bikes
  • Providing training and ongoing support to its members

Breaking Cycles CIC aims to provide training, support and mentoring to members of the bike library so that you can progress at your own pace to the level you feel comfortable with…

This model consists of the following 4 steps:

Learn to Cycle – We can teach you, from complete beginner to competent rider who is capable of undertaking level 1 cycle training, at any age. We are extremely confident in our ability to adapt to any additional needs that you may have, especially those relating to Neuro-diversity.

Cycle training – We provide National standard cycle training from level 1 – 3 of the DfT national standard for cycle training and are a registered Bikeability provider.

Improver Rides – Improver rides build upon the skills learned in level2 and 3 of your national standard training, allowing a casually structured environment where you can safely gain confidence through positive experiences of riding with and without an instructor to lead the ride. These sessions have been funded by Karen Seed: Independent Solicitor

Join the club – This 4 session course teaches the common etiquette and group riding skills that are often used when clubs ride together as a group. This should equip you with skills that will allow you to fit right in with your first proper club run…

We are currently conducting a survey to help us identify local needs and provide an evidence base which can be used to support future funding applications.

Please give 5 minutes of your time to fill it in. You are not required to leave your email address, but if you do you will be included in our regular prize draws that are carried out when our responses hit the following benchmarks:

  • 125 – Cycling & Walking goody bag courtesy of Connecting East Lancashire
  • 250 – To be Confirmed
  • 500- To be Confirmed
  • 1000- To be Confirmed
  • 1500- To be Confirmed
  • 2000- To be Confirmed

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