‘Mary Mary’

A not for profit, epic cycling event for all, on the Mary Towneley Loop!

Rooley Moor Road

I would like to share my love of the Mary Towneley Loop and endurance cycling with as many people as possible and plan to create an accessible event that gives all of us something to look forward to in 2021!

This is a concept which is designed to be Covid secure from its conception, so it is more likely to be take place than other existing events which have been adapted (in theory!). To achieve this we will be maintaining the following principals:

  • Crowd funded: If you want to make this happen, then support it. You can donate time, money or resources to make it possible for us to run this event, with free entry for the riders. We do expect every rider to contribute, but its up to you how you do it!
  • Distanced: A modified Time Trial format, with 2 start points and staggered start times facilitates natural dispersion of riders around the route.
  • Solo: The event is strictly for solo riders only and not pairs or teams; if you are within a space where you can gain advantage from another rider’s slipstream, you are also able to breath in their exhaled breath, so you will be expected to ride solo at all points for everyone’s safety. Saying hello whilst briefly riding side by side, maintaining 2m distance should be the limit of your interaction with other riders.
  • Accessible: Yes, this is a 24hr, solo, off road ride but we’re cool with you making it your own as long as you adhere to the principles of the event. You can use any bike capable of being ridden off road. If you want to take a long break during the event (e.g. have a nap during the night), knock yourself out. If you want to use your eBike, then more power to you. If you want to call it a day when the sun sets, well: at the end of the day that’s your choice not ours. If you want to use this event to achieve your own goal that’s smaller than the whole 24hr thing, we look forward to celebrating those successes with you!

The proposed date for this event is the weekend of 28th – 29th August.



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‘Mary Mary’

The details

To keep it Covid secure and avoid congestion on the trails riders will set of at 1 minute intervals and use 2 start points (Widdop Reservoir & Watergrove Reservoir) to ensure distancing.

Each rider will have a number and check in at both checkpoints (and the additional night checkpoint at Clough Bottom from 10PM) throughout the event, this serves the purpose of timekeeping and helping us to identify where you are should the worst happen…

You can call it a day (or night) at any point by letting someone at a checkpoint know that you’ve reached your limit, achieved your goal or just seen sense! For those wanting to get a time for 24hrs, this will be achieved by you riding to the next checkpoint, or one of the 3 additional timekeeping points and signing out. Your average speed, including stoppage time, will be used to calculate an official distance travelled in 24hrs statistic.

I feel happy running this event for up to 80 riders and estimate that it will cost £1200 – £1500 to do so.

The costs cover the following expenses:

  • Purchase of equipment for timekeeping and checkpoint stations
  • Volunteer expenses
  • A modest organiser fee (£300)

You may notice that insurance isn’t listed, we expect riders to be responsible for themselves…

Your membership of organisations such as British Cycling or Cycling UK should provide you with sufficient cover for taking part in a personal challenge like this.


I envisage that the crowdfunding will include:

  • Profits from merchandise purchased in advance of the event
  • Donations from riders who intend to take part and others who
  • Donations, and/or sponsorship of equipment
  • Equipment loans
  • Significant donations from companies (over £250) which will be recognised in all promotional material about the event.

Sounds great! How do I get involved?

Links to sign up forms, Crowdfunding pages & merchandising websites will appear here over the coming weeks by the magic of modern technology! In the Meantime, if you are interested in getting involved the please email me or join the WhatsApp group.