Blue Monday and Adventure Therapy

From my personal life experience, I can assure you that depression is a very real medical condition. It can, but doesn’t always occur due to a traumatic or upsetting event. It can, but doesn’t always, resolve itself and only last for short periods of time. Yesterday was ‘Blue Monday’: the most depressing day of theContinue reading “Blue Monday and Adventure Therapy”

It’s all coming together now…

Last week, I shared a few words about collaborations with Harwes Farm and Elisha House. This work continues and we’re already investigating opportunities to do more together in the future. Don’t take my word for it though, have a look at this video and see what the Residents of Elisha House think about the timeContinue reading “It’s all coming together now…”

The Difference that makes the Difference

‘Without a portfolio of evidence, you can’t prove that it was you that made the difference’ This comment was instrumental in my decision to leave my last permanent teaching job, in April 2015, to pursue other opportunities. It was an easy decision to make even though its not always easy to live with. Yesterday, IContinue reading “The Difference that makes the Difference”


This week (5th – 10th October) is Dyspraxia awareness week so I’d like to share some information about Neuro-diversity, specifically Dyspraxia. On Saturday 10th, the documentary film that I have made, #FatLadsCantClimb, based around my Everesting attempt will become live on my Youtube ( To find out more, just type #FatLadsCantClimb into the search barContinue reading “#FatLadsCantClimb”

Why is MTB Adventure Therapy different to Mountain Biking?

I’ve been fascinated by the notion of delivering Adventure Therapy on bikes since reading an article about Lee Craigie’s cycle therapy work ( in MBR magazine. As I was already looking into becoming an NLP practitioner and getting more involved with outdoors activities, as part of my teaching job in a PRU, I began toContinue reading “Why is MTB Adventure Therapy different to Mountain Biking?”