The Bikeability trust value inclusivity and are consantly working towards being able to provide fair access to cycle training for all. This involves working alongside organisations that specialise in meeting the needs of certain groups.

The Breaking Cycles CIC Bikeability scheme has been developed with Neurodiversity, Mental Health and Social inclusion in mind. Our scheeme aims to provide access to quality cycle training for young people who are not educated in traditional settings.

We are able to achieve this because we employ a personalised learning methodology that better suits people who have issues around Confidence, Concentration, Co-ordination and communication. This methodology has been created by our founder, Phil Wade, who has extensive experience of meeting the needs of learners with these types of needs in a specialist education setting in addition to his cycle training and mountain biking qualifications and experience.

We are currently seeking access to funding, from the local Bikeability grant recipients, to deliver this training in specialist settings such as care homes, special schools, hospitals and informal settings where these young people find it easier to engage.

In the meantime, we are able to offer this specialist training on a privately funded basis (£65 per rider) and are happy to work with you and your organisation to find alternative funding for this.

Please contact us via email to find out more or book your sessions!

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