Well-being & Personal effectiveness

We have a range of Adventure Therapy packages that focus on improving well-being and personal effectiveness in the workplace.

Well-being and personal effectiveness go hand in hand: when we feel good, we work well and when we are achieving it makes us feel good. Our courses combine seminars on specific topics that provide the attendees with resources that can be taken away and referred to in the future as well as providing experiences that help to improve well-being and personal effectiveness.

Most well-being courses tell us that both exercise and spending time outdoors are great ways to improve our well-being at work. This one is set outdoors and involves physical activity in the form of cycling!

Our packages range from half day sessions to fully catered 2 day retreats and include the following elements:

  • Physical activities that promote well-being
  • Seminars that teach participants how to use Neurolinguistic Programming and Mindfulness techniques to improve their current state
  • Seminars that share communication and collaboration techniques which lead to increased creativity and productivity.
  • The creation of a personalised plan detailing how each participant will embed what they have learned into their working lives.

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