Please download a brochure for more information about our Adventure Therapy services for education.

The Adventure Therapy model is a fantastic way of helping young people to develop and generalise the skills needed to work through difficulties in their lives. This solution focused methodology can be delivered on a 1:1 basis or in small groups and can be employed as a light touch preventative measure that supports inclusion or with young people who are unable to attend traditional educational settings.

I use the Capability Matrix to identify areas that need to be addressed and monitor progress through sessions. When a young person is achieving across all 5 themes of the matrix, they are demonstrating that they are capable of engaging with their education. These key areas are: Confidence, Determination, Organisation’ Inter-personal skills and Resilience.

Adventure Therapy works best when a personalised package is created for you or your organisation. Please ask for a consultation and a quote for your personalised package to ensure the best value, please see page 8 of the brochure for our pricing structure.

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