Adventure Therapy

There’s something therapeutic about spending time outdoors and the gentle rhythm of turning your pedals over just adds to this.

During an adventure therapy session, I guide my client(s) on a journey of self discovery as we explore the landscape of the human mind by bicycle! The specific activities and NLP methods used during these sessions vary depending on the objectives of the session and needs of the client. The real beauty of an adventure therapy session is the flexibility; being out and about provides opportunities to be quiet and think as we process ideas without feeling awkward, which makes it feel more gentle than other methods! I am able to help you deal with the following…

  • Making positive decisions
  • Planning for lifestyle changes
  • Improving self esteem and self worth
  • Developing interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence
  • Coping with Stress, Depression and Anxiety symptoms
  • Understanding and coping with Neurodiversity

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