The Difference that makes the Difference

‘Without a portfolio of evidence, you can’t prove that it was you that made the difference’

This comment was instrumental in my decision to leave my last permanent teaching job, in April 2015, to pursue other opportunities. It was an easy decision to make even though its not always easy to live with. Yesterday, I felt my values fall into line with a few others and participate in something that has a huge potential to benefit the local community, the organisations involved and every individual who took part.

One of many pieces of turf removed to make way for the sustainable MTB skills are at Harwes Farm.

On Friday 27th November, 10 residents of Elisha house volunteered to share their expertise and help out with the development of the sustainable MTB skills area at Harwes Farm CIC. With some initial funding from the Alpkit Foundation and further financial support from Anderton Bosonnet estate agents, this project began in February and fell to furlough due to lockdown. The volunteering efforts from the Elisha House residents will be a big part of getting it back on track! The development of this resource will also be a key part of an upcoming project, supporting teenagers who experience difficulties with mental health.

Bike storage (with chicken) at Harwes Farm CIC being put to good use.

7 of the residents of Elisha house took advantage of the offer of cycle training for volunteers at Harwes Farm CIC and cycled up to the farm from Colne, this was funded as part of the ‘Treading Lightly’ project, funded by Connecting East Lancashire’s access fund. This volunteering will continue throughout December and the three organisations are looking for further opportunities for collaboration.

Teamwork, groundworking skills and elbow grease…
After the rock garden, riders will drop or roll onto the trail being dug today

I couldn’t justify saying that any person from any of the organisations involved can claim that they made the difference. I believe that by collaborating and working together in the interest of our community we have all done something that has made a difference and will continue to in the future.

Getting ready to ride off (downhill!) into the sunset after a great day!

This day couldn’t have happened without the following organisations playing their part…

Connecting east Lancashire

Harwes Farm

Elisha House

Breaking Cycles

The Alpkit Foundation

Anderton Bosonnet

If you would like to get involved in, support or benefit from any of the projects mentioned above, please get in touch…

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